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ـ- فلسطيني من مواليد بيروت


خـالد جـميـل شـــمّـوط


Khaled Jamil Shammout

Presentations and Papers at Various Conferences:                                                                        دراسات وعروض في مؤتمرات مختلفة 

  • "Colour in the Arabic Novel: An Analytical Study". ​3rd International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation. Muscat, Oman, Nov 2016
  • “The Ticketing Tale of Two Cities: Acquiring a New Smart Card Fare Payment System – With Views from Florida to Makkah”.  Transport Ticketing Conference, London, January 2014
  • “Lessons Learned: JTA’s Smart Card (STAR) Implementation”.  APTA’s TransITech Conference, March 2013
  • “Preserving the Lost Art of Highway Geometric Design: Tools, Techniques, and Talent—Transit Compoenent”.  TRB Conference 2013
  • “Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s Smart Card System: A Before and After Study”.  Transpo Conference, October 2012
  • “Spatial Optimization Modeling in Locating Bus Stops”.  APTA’s TranITech Conference, March 2012
  • “Achieving Transit Sustainability Through Emerging Planning Methods”.  UITP 2009 Conference, Abu Dhabi. UAE
  • “Dirasa TaHliliya ‘an Khadamat al-Naql al-‘am fi Madinat al-Aqaba”. Ridership Study for the City of Aqaba, Jordan. June, 2007
  • “Improving Transit Facilities Locations through Spatial Optimization Modeling”.  APTA’s 2007 Intermodal Operations Planning Workshop
  •  “A Look at Unique Communications Systems Available for Transit Agencies”.  APTA’s 2005 Bus and Paratransit Conference
  • “Transit Customer Response to Intelligent Transportation Systems Technologies: Survey of Northern Virginia Transit Riders”.  Paper published in the proceedings of Transportation Research Board (TRB) 83rd Annual Conference 2004, Washington, DC.  Co-authors: Joana Conklin, Larry S. Englisher
  • “Monitoring Transit ITS Performance Measures”.  Paper published in the proceedings of APTA’s 2004 Bus and Paratransit Conference.  Co-authors: Larry S. Englisher, Joana Conklin.
  •  “Benefits of an Investment in a Transit AVL System: A Before & After Study”.  APTA’s 2003 Bus and Paratransit Conference
  •  “Using Intelligent Transportation Systems to Meet Transit’s Growing Needs and Challenges”. A presentation at Oregon Transportation Conference, 2002
  • “Transit Priority for the Columbus Area: An AVL Approach”. A presentation at ITS America 2001 Conference.
  • “Integrating Transit Priority and AVL: A Viable Solution”. A paper presented at APTA’s TransiTech 2001 conference.  Co-authors: Glenn Havinoviski, and Ahmad Al-Akhras
  • Evaluation of Votran’s fixed-route transit and paratransit system, ITS Peer-to-Peer program, 2000
  • “Assessment of Transit Priority Benefits in Congested Corridors”.  Paper presented at the 7th World Congress on ITS.  Co-authors: Ahmad Al-Akhras, and Vinod Dega
  • “Impacts of Transit Priority”.  Paper published in proceedings of APTA’s 1999 Bus Conference.  Co-authors: Vinod Dega, Ahmad Al-Akhras, et al.ITS Integration Strategy for Central Ohio (Central Ohio’s Regional ITS Architecture), 1999


ـ- بكالوريوس هندسة معمارية من جامعة ولاية أوهايو

ـ- ماجستير تخطيط مدن من جامعة ولاية أوهايو

ـ-  ماجستير هندسة مواصلات من جامعة ولاية أوهايو

ـ- ماجستير أدب عربي حديث من جامعة ولاية أوهايو


ـ- درّس اللغة العربية في جامعة ولاية أوهايو لمدة ست سنوات

ـ- عمل في مؤسسة النقل العام في مدينة كولمبس في ولاية أوهايو

ـ- عمل مع شركة استشارية في هندسة المواصلات والعمارة

ـ- عمل مع دائرة النقل في أبو ظبي كخبير نقل عام

ـ- عمل في مؤسسة النقل العام في مدينة جاكسونفل في ولاية فلوريدا

ـ-شغل منصب رئيس قسم الحافلات في مؤسسة قطارات مكة للنقل العام في مكة المكرمة

​ـ شغل منصب مدير تخطيط النقل العام في مقاطعة "بالم بيتش" في ولاية فلوريدا في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
ـ يشغل حالياً منصب كبير موظفي التخطيط الإستراتيجي وتطوير النقل العام في مدينة سنسناتي في ولاية أوهايو في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

ـ- شارك بعروض ودراسات في أكثر من عشرين مؤتمراً في الولايات المتحدة وأوروبا والشرق الأوسط


Works in Arabic

  • Palestinian, born in Beirut


  • B.S. in Architecture from The Ohio State University
  • Master's in City & Regional Planning  from The Ohio State University
  • Master's in Transportation Engineering  from The Ohio State University
  • Master's in Modern Arabic Literature  from The Ohio State University

  • Taught Arabic Language for six years at The Ohio State University
  • Worked at the Central Ohio Transit Authority in Columbus, Ohio
  • Worked with a Transportation Consulting firm
  • Worked with Abu Dhabi (UAE) Department of Transport as Public Transport Expert
  • Worked with Jacksonville Transportation Authority in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Was the Chief of Bus Services at Makkah Mass Rail Transit in Makkah
  • Was Director of Transit Planning at Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
  • Currently is Chief Strategic Planning, Development and Innovation Officer at SORTA Metro (Cincinnati, Ohio), USA

  • Presented at more than 20 conferences across the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

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